Metallica Causes Riot In Dehli

Delhi Show Update
October 28, 2011

Show cancelled due to safety concerns

That is what you will see if you read Metallica’s website. This in response to the show that was supposed to be postponed till Saturday and is now cancelled indefinitely.

It seems that the shows Organizers failed to obtain necessary approval, the band said in a statement. The show was initially postponed on Friday evening after a “failure of a security barricade in front of the stage that could not be adequately repaired,” Metallica said.

When the crowd learned of the shows cancellation, a riot ensued where rioters began throwing water bottles and equipment in the air and at organizers. Equipment worth $200,000 belonging to the band was damaged, local TV reported.

TV channels also quoted sources saying four of the organizers had been arrested. It was not immediately clear what the possible charges against them are.

“Our first and foremost concern is always for the safety of you,” Metallica said in the statement posted on their website. The band added ticketholders will be entitled to a full refund.

The concert was part of the entertainment organised to coincide with the inaugural Formula One race in India.

I know exactly how it feels to travel to a show you really wanted to see just to hear an announcement that the band you came to see will not be playing… It SUcKS! Hopefully, Metallica can make it up to Dehli.

In this video, you hear someone from the road crew pleading with the crowd to stop the rioting. Saying “You waited 30 years to see Metallica, let us play tomorrow… Please… Please Please Please, let us play tomorrow.

See the Metallica Dehli Riot HERE

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