Memorial Day Weekend: Ideas And Things To Do

Formerly known as “Decoration Day” Memorial Day is a day to commemorate Men and Women who have given their lives in the U.S. Military. It is important that we recognize this observed day as a day of remembrance of the ones who fight for our freedom and not just a day off from work. For the many of us who either have friends or family in the military, This is the day to say our thanks.

If your anything like the average American, you are probably wondering what to do. Most of us have planned barbeque’s with friends and family and others have not even given it any thought. Let’s face it, with the way the world is today, who has time to plan ahead anymore? I know when I am done with my day or week of work, I am mentally exhausted. All I want to do is sleep and relax. I do not have much energy to do much. Over the years, I have learned that family is really important. Life is not guaranteed and we have to spend as much as we can with our family as possible. Friends are a close second.

I wanted to give a few (general) ideas so that this decision will not be a difficult one.These are activities that you can do with both families and friends.

  • Museums – This is a great place to bring anyone. The best part is, it’s educational. There is nothing better than participating in activities that you can learn something new from.
  • Local Parks – A great way to promote a healthy lifestyle is to go to the park. This gives you the chance to play catch, volleyball, basketball, baseball etc. You can bond with your family and friends and have a nice cookout.
  • Movies – Either going out or staying in, movies are a great way to sit with the family as one and enjoy the cinematic arts. Pizza and or Popcorn are a great addition to this activity and can be very inexpensive if you do your research.
  • Barbecue – Always a good “Go To” barbeque’s are legendary. There is nothing better for a man to barbecue food and see his creation being enjoyed by everyone around him. This is a great to have both family and friends attend .
  • Beach – If you have access to a beach, this is a great activity.
  • Art Galleries – I highly encourage a visit to the Art Galleries in your area. Some view Art as boring but, there are many different types of art. Modern Art is very interesting and is usually always enjoyed by all.
  • Eat Out – There are many great places to eat that are nearby. I recommend doing some research, reading comments by visitors to the business. This will give you a good idea of the menu options, price and quality.
These are just a few quick ideas of things that you can do that are relatively inexpensive. If you have anymore ideas, please feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts. Who knows? Your idea may make someones Memorial Day Weekend a little better. Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day.

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