Meghan McCarthy Reads Mean Comments People Post About Her Voice On Vine (Video)

You may know this cute woman from her Vine Videos. She is quite unique but one standout trait is her voice. Meghan McCarthy has a uniquely higher pitch then most people and sadly because of today’s digital age and comment box, she has been the subject of ridicule.

However a girl like Meghan doesn’t let her haters affect her in a negative way, she simply takes a page out of Jimmy Kimmel’s book, finds the humor in the hate and reads some of the mean comments.

Hi, I’m Meghan McCarthy from Vine. This video is inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment. These are actual comments I have received on Vine and YouTube. Normally I wouldn’t curse, but I wanted you all to get the direct quotes! I hope everyone thinks these comments are as hilarious as I do! I don’t want anybody to be sad about this! I just want you all to laugh at the haters with me! Love you all so much!

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