McDonald’s Supplier Torturing Chickens for McNuggets

Just days after turning down Burger King’s McWhopper proposal for Peace One Day, a newly undercover investigation video shows McDonald’s Supplier Torturing Chickens for McNuggets. The McDonald’s Chicken McNugget supplier has exposed horrific cruelty to animals, including birds beaten, crammed in filthy sheds, stabbed to death with nails attached to makeshift clubs, and left to suffer and slowly die without proper veterinary care.

After McDonald’s launched its food transparency campaign with Tyson, Mercy For Animals posted the video “Hidden-Camera Exposes Disgusting Secret Behind McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets” which shows chickens being Clubbed, Thrown, and Crowded for Chicken McNuggets.

It would seem that Animal Cruelty is the Secret Ingredient in Chicken McNuggets according to the reports. Birds raised for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets have been bred to grow so quickly they frequently become crippled under their own weight. Unable to walk without extreme pain, many die of dehydration when they can’t reach water. Others die from heart attacks, organ failure, and other problems related to rapid growth. Overcrowding in filthy factory farms also leads to severe skin and throat irritations, blindness, and deadly respiratory problems.

This particular McDonald’s McNugget supplier is a Tyson Foods contract farm in Tennesse. Sick and injured birds, or those who are simply too small to make a profit, are violently beaten to death with spiked clubs or have their heads stepped on and their necks broken by the callous farm owners. Those who survive the wretched factory farm conditions are grabbed by their legs, wings, and necks and slammed into transport crates bound for the slaughterhouse.

As shocking as it is, this type of cruelty and neglect is common in the poultry industry. There are no federal laws to protect chickens during their lives on factory farms, and most states specifically exclude chickens from anti-cruelty laws. All of this means that McDonald’s McNugget suppliers are able to routinely get away with torturing millions of animals to death every year.

Since the release of the video McDonald’s and Tyson Foods have cut ties with the farm.

“Members of our animal well-being team are investigating, however, based on what we currently know, we are terminating the farmer’s contract to grow chickens for us. There are currently no chickens on the farm,” the company said in a statement to FOXBusiness. “We’re especially concerned about the inappropriate methods used to euthanize sick and injured chickens.”

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