McDonald’s Breakfast 24/7

McDonald’s Breakfast 24/7. Don’t you just hate it when you rush to McDonald’s only to make it there at 10:58am and hear that they are no longer serving breakfast? I am not much of a breakfast eater but when I do have the hankering for some breakfast, I almost immediately always go to McDonald’s. From the Egg McMuffin to the Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel, the Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle and those infamous Hash Browns. McDonald’s is well known for having a delicious selection of breakfast items available, but only until 11am.

Let’s forget about the early breakfast for now. Ever been hungry around 2pm or 3pm and still have the urge for McDonald’s breakfast? I bet you have. The fact is, not every “Fast Food” restaurant has a great and affordable breakfast and when they do, I feel it should be available beyond the “breakfast hours”.

I wanted to write this article to see how many people felt the same way. How many people feel that McDonald’s should serve their breakfast menu non-stop 24 hours 7 days a week. If Mcdonald’s has tried this before, I am unaware but one thing is for certain, they need to try it again. If not for the millions of people who love their breakfast, then for me.

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