Marriage Troubles For Kim Kardashian and Kris

Although only being married for a couple of months, Kim Kardashian admits there’s been tension, she seems to think what they’re experiencing is only natural given the circumstances.

Kim Kardashian Says:

It’s not been ideal because you’re newlyweds and you want privacy,

Privacy?!?!?!? This coming from the girl who tried to make her wedding bigger than the REAL Royal Wedding? This coming from the girl who invited all the media to her wedding. This coming from the girl who sold the pictures to magazines? This coming from the girl who does nothing but try to show up on camera and live her “Life” through a ‘Reality Show’. Wow! that girl makes me sick, no wonder President Obama hasn’t seen her show or let his daughters watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

“It’s a tough crowd,” Khloe Kardashian said, speaking of her own family. “I think it’s just a lot of transition [for him]. It’s a work in progress, I really think he’s a nice guy, and he loves her.”

Kris Jenner (Their Manager/Mother) thinks tension is purely work-related saying:
“They’re going two separate directions (with work),” Kris told People. “They’ll figure it out as soon as they get back.”

Kim adds:
“We have to find out home base”.

Here’s a thought, maybe the pressure that’s building up is a result of the relationship being fake? I truly believe Kris probably loves Kim because hey, let’s say it… she’s Kim “Mega Rich” Kardashian right? I do not think Kim Kardashian loves Kris but, loves the thought of love. She stems from a family who’s sole purpose is to be on television. I even doubt Kris loves her children as children and doesn’t just see $’s over their heads. the whole Kardashian family was built on PDA and that is not love. The Kardashian family is incapable of feeling true love because non have ever experienced it. Someone please wake me when we stop making un-talented individuals millionaires.

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