Marine Rider with Road Rage

A woman records a man on a motorcycle who claims to be a Marine as he proceeds to go on a rant and yell at the woman. Dura Mater uploaded the video of the alleged Marine threatening the woman after the two met at a stop sign.

In her video description, Mater states: “This man justified his road rage and threatening behavior in part on being a Marine. He apparently felt entitled in a running a stop sign, cutting off several cars and myself at a right turn, and then threatening to harm me physically while my children sat in the back of the car. He proceeded to follow me to a stop light and continue berating me, even after pulling out my phone to record him. I respect those who have served our country. I have several family members who have proudly served, but they would never threaten a woman with children present, nor behave like this in public. He should be ashamed of himself for this disgusting behavior.”

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