Man Pulls Over Drunk Driver and Takes Away His Keys

A man driving, notices another vehicle swerving and proceeds to catch up to the driver, pull him over and take away his keys.

Zach Bishop uploaded the video to Youtube showing him confronting a drunk driver on the road and proceeding to pull him over and take away his keys to prevent him from possibly killing himself and maybe other drivers.

“I pulled over a drunk driver and gave him a second chance. I didn’t know if that was the right thing to do. I just went back to the vehical(sic) and his friends/ family was there. The woman who owned the vehicle cried in my arms thanking me. I guess it was, but any one who thinks about drinking and driving just remember your not alone on your ride.”

Despite Bishop’s good intentions, many have criticized his actions saying he should have called police and let them handle the situation as a drunk driver will driver drunk again. What do you think?

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