Man Pulls Gun on Drunk Driver

A man pulls out his gun on a drunk driver citing that he had no other choice as he wanted to prevent himself or anyone getting hurt or killed. The video uploaded by A man believed the be Josh Rogers aka “REDSKINS21HOF” shows him with his gun already drawn, along with what is presumed to be his wife and another man. They stop and the man pull his gun out on the man following closely behind them. They accuse the man of being drunk and forcefully detain him until police arrive.

Statement from uploader:

“Had to pull my gun on a drunk driver to stop him from killing or hurting anyone. Look we followed this guy for about 45 minutes i spoke to several different 911 operators from the 4 towns we passed through and could not get one cop out to help. The towns we passed are small until we came up on rockymount. We got in front of him sped up and took the first exit he then starts to follow us with my wife and daughter in the car and he is getting way to close when we came to the stop sign he just about hit our car. Thats when I jumped out and he continued to keep moving toward my truck. As i held him there at gunpoint he seemed to reach around his car for something the entire time and my wife was still on 911 dispatch…so yes my life did feel threatened the guy in the red shirt got out of his car and hit him because he ran them off the road with his wife and 3 kids in and the vehicle…”

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