Youtube Pranksters Perform Dangerous “Machine Gun Prank” (Video)

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There are countless “Youtube Pranksters” out there trying to out-do one another but a few guys from New Jersey may have just posted the most dangerous prank to date.

Dressed in a mask from the movie “Scream” and carrying a toy gun, Coby Persins of Passaic, NJ, and his group of ‘Model Pranksters’ scared the death out of unsuspecting people walking through the neighborhood at night.

We reached out to Persisns and asked, Why perform a prank so dangerous? Persisns told NewsAsylum:

[testimonial author=”Coby Persins”]”The reason I did something that dangers was because I wanted to have the most dangerous Prank video on the whole internet taking it to the scariest limit with out dying and that’s exactly what I did.”[/testimonial]

The video shows most of the people running and tripping over themselves as they try to escape what they fear may be certain death from a maniac. At one point, one of the “victims” appears to pull out his own gun from his waistband which prompts an abrupt ending to the prank.

We also asked, what precautions are taken to ensure nothing gets out of hand. Persisns said, “When we do these pranks we don’t do it on people who are not old we do it on the young crowed so we know they wont have a heart attack and they usually will laugh it off also we drive up on everyone after and tell them it’s a prank.”

One thing is for sure, these are not the first group of pranksters to test the limits of danger and they surely will not be the last.

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