Lindsay Lohan Still Partying After Rehab Sentence


Not only is Lindsay Lohan reported to still be drinking after she was sentenced to a 90-day In-house rehab facility, but we just found out that a 90-day in-house rehab facility doesn’t even exist in the US so there is NO WAY Lindsay can complete her sentencing.

We don’t know how prosecutors weren’t aware that there is no such thing as a “Lockdown Rehab” facility that will keep patients against their will. After Londsay Lohan was sentenced to 90-Days in jail, Lindsay Lohan’s new “lawyer” Mark Heller, told prosecutors that he can fabric a 90-day lockdown rehab for the falling star to which the judge agreed.


As for Lilo’s sobriety, that seems to be non-existent because she was spotted partying with a new man and was allegedly drinking asl well. You have to give it to Lindsay though, she seems to be pretty hip to the threat of photos derailing her plea deal so she supposedly asked that the vodka be served from carafes, instead of bottles. Lindsay “looks” to be drinking soda water but who knows what’s in that bottle.

Prosecutors are now said to be re-evaluating the plea to see what can be done.

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