Former Actress Lindsay Lohan Punched After Attempting to Kidnap Homeless Mother’s Kids

Lindsay Lohan Punched

Former Actress Lindsay Lohan Punched After Attempting to Steal Homeless Mother’s Kids

In a sad attempt to stay relevant, former actress now self-entitled psychopath, Lindsay Lohan streamed herself as she attempted to pretty much kidnap someone’s children.

The former child star came upon a homeless family and offered to take their children to a room for the night. The family Lindsay Lohan’s assistance but instead of leaving them alone, Lohan continues to pester the family and tries to convince the kids to leave their parents. During the uncomfortable encounter, many of the people viewing the live stream can be seen telling Lohan to leave the family alone.

The family then attempts to leave the area but is continued to be accosted by Lohan and her new accent. Lohan then accuses the family of trafficking children. At one point it seems Lohan attempts to grab one of the children. That is when the mother seemingly defends them and punches Lohan. The video ends with Lohan crying much how she probably ends every night.

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