Lindsay Lohan Free: House Arrest Completed

Lindsay Lohan finished her House Arrest sentence today at 10:20am and couldn’t be happier. Lindsay tells ‘TMZ“I’m excited to start community service and focus on my work.” Lindsay had to spend the last 35 days in her condo in Venice, CA. (what a punishment…)

Lindsay has been ordered to serve 480 hrs. of community service and shortly after she was released from house arrest, Lindsay was spotted at the Downtown Women’s Center to begin. Lindsay will also have to take a Shoplifters alternative class and undergo Psychological counseling due to her jewelry heist.

It has also been reported that Lindsay is suffering from Post-Incarceration Syndrome telling her friends that she is afraid to leave her home in fear that there is a ‘bounty’ on her head in the paparazzi community.

Let’s get real! Lindsay isn’t suffering from anything. Lindsay has proven that when you are a celebrity and have tons of cash, you can ‘beat’ the judicial system. I know people who have violated probation far less times than Lindsay has and have gotten ‘The Book’ thrown at them.

Lindsay’s ‘Post-Incarceration Syndrome’ is a ploy to make her look like a victim (good job on the part of her legal team). I find it sickening having to see someone who clearly has a problem with drugs, alcohol, theft and authority, get away with ‘murder’. Imagine if we treated everyone like we did Lindsay, there would be no justice. No one is going to realize what a huge mistake they have made until Lindsay Lohan either overdoses or worse. Only then will we look back and see the warning signs and red flags she has been throwing around. It is a cry for help and we did not listen. Instead, we said “Hey, it’s okay Lindsay.”

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