Lil Wayne Lies About NBA Ban


Looks like the big fuss Lil Wayne made about being banned from every NBA event was a lie because NBA Senior Director of Basketball Communications Mark Broussard told our buddies at TMZ that there is “no truth at all” to the claims Lil Wayne cried about during a performance in Houston.

If you recall, during a performance, Lil Wayne made it a point to tell the crowd that he was officially banned from ALL NBA events because the Miami Heat complained about him.

Problem is, the NBA is saying they never stated such a thing. To top it off, Lil Wayne also stated he was thrown out of a Heat game for rooting for the Laker when the Heat organization said that Lil Wayne left voluntarily during the Heat and Laker game.


To make matters worse, not only did Lil Wayne completely over exaggerate, he even went on to disrespect players mainly Chris Bosh and his wife stating he had sex with her. Also the fair weathered Miami mindless drones should be ashamed of themselves for chanting “F*ck the NBA” and “F*ck the Miami Heat” along with him.

Even his protegé Drake couldn’t believe what was going on. Check out how uncomfortable Drake looks while Lil Wayne throws his hissy fit.

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