Lamar Odom Overdose Pics

Who wants to see pictures of the crackhead Lamar Odom overdosing in a Nevada Brothel? Apparently a lot of people so here you go.

Court records obtained stated the warrant said prostitutes believed Odom snorted cocaine in a bathroom on October 13. Brothel officials reported workers saw Odom drink alcohol and take supplements sold as ‘herbal Viagra,’ but no employees saw him take illegal drugs.

The judge authorized police to obtain a blood sample from Odom, who had by then been taken by ambulance to a Las Vegas hospital.

Prostitutes told police that they believe that Odom (above in his brothel bed with lube and a sex toy on the nearby dresser) snorted cocaine in the bathroom but did not see him do drugs

Odom’s family said Thursday that he is improving as he undergoes therapy in Los Angeles although conflicting reports indicate Odom is suffering from pneumonia in the hospital.

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