Kim Kardashian Physically Abused Kris Humphries

Or at least that’s what Dr. Drew thinks. In a recent episode of Kim Kardashian’s show, it showed Kris Humphries playing with his wife and by mistake, his overgrown foot happened to step on Kim’s recently pedicured toe resulting in a broken toe nail. That’s when all hell broke loose and Kim Kardashian’s shallow personality took over.

If Kim’s new series showed anything, it showed that there was frequent bickering, and attempts to anger Kris Humphries as planned by Kim and her recently impregnated sister Kourtney and according to Dr. Drew Pinsky, the exchange was clear evidence of abuse.

“What you are seeing there is domestic violence, A lot of people watching this may not understand this, and I get that. It looks playful. What’s the big deal? It is a massive deal and it’s important. It’s important for everyone else,” he said. “For Kris and Kim, they’re separating. That’s over with. This doesn’t need to be reported or anything, but anybody listening at home and viewing this has to understand the spectrum of domestic violence, and this is incontrovertible evidence of someone engaged in a domestic violence relationship. It’s illegal, and it goes to a bad place, he stressed. It progresses. It starts and goes and it doesn’t stay right there. The size, gender does not matter. It goes to a horrible, horrible place.”

Neither Kardashian nor Humphries responded to Pinsky’s efforts to reach them about his concerns.Take a look at the video, you can tell that Kim totally takes a violent swing at Kris. No Bueno… What I don’t get, is that this is recorded evidence of Domestic Violence and no one was charged…

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