Kanye West Settles With Victim Who Called Kim Kardashian A N*gger Lover

kanye west victim

It seems that it pays to yell out racial slurs at Kim Kardashian and have her baby’s daddy – Kanye West attack you because you can get paid big bucks to not file a lawsuit.

The man who allegedly called Kim Kardashian a whore and n*gger lover and was allegedly beat up by Kanye West just got a huge payday as he settles to the tune of over $250,000. The unnamed victim has agreed to the civil settlement and will no longer go forward with a criminal prosecution.

It was originally reported that while on her way to a doctor’s visit, Kim Kardashian was approached by numerous paparazzi. The “victim” was said to have tried to help Kim but in doing so, used language that was vulgar enough for Kim to tell the man his words were not necessary. That’s when the victim went off on Kim calling her a n*gger lover. Kim allegedly got on the phone with Kanye West who came over and supposedly gave the man a beat down.

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