Justin Bieber To Be Prosecuted For Spitting On Neighbor


That’s right, little Justin Bieber is expected to be prosecuted for getting into an altercation with his neighbor and alleged spitting on them during the altercation. L.A. Sheriffs are expected to recommend Justin Bieber be prosecuted and file criminal battery charges after the initial investigation is completed.

Justin Bieber was reported to have gotten into an argument with his neighbor over driving recklessly when he was said to have spit on his neighbor then threatened to kill him. It all happened when Justin Bieber had a Porsche delivered to his home at 8am. He then was said to have driven recklessness reaching speeds up to 100mph.

A neighbor allegedly walked up to Justin’s property and told him that he could not drive “like this”. Justin was said to have responded with “Get the f*ck out outta here”, spit at the neighbor then said “I’ll f*ckin’ kill you”.

story developing…

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