Johnny Manziel Responds to Domestic Violence Accusations on Twitter (911 Audio Call)

Looks like being being re-replaced by Josh McCown has put Johnny Manziel aka “Johnny Football,” in a bad mood because the Cleveland Browns QB was involved in what reports indicate was a drunken domestic violence altercation with his girlfriend.

The Avon Police Dept. in Ohio received 911 calls and responded to reports of a domestic dispute between Manziel and Colleen Crowley. Upon their arrival, Crowley appeared to have an abrasion on her left arm.
Crowley told police that Manziel had shoved her head against the window of the car during an argument and then stated, “Mr. Manziel hit her a couple times in the car.” However police later determined that the abrasions were due to friction after Manziel had grabbed her arm in an attempt to keep her in the vehicle. Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend Colleen Crowley later admitted they had been boozing earlier in the day … this according to the police report.

Crowley told cops she had 3 crown and cokes earlier in the day. Manziel, who recently completed a stint in rehab, told cops he had 2 drinks but sobered up before he got behind the wheel. In the report, Crowley stated she did NOT want to press charges. Cops determined Manziel was NOT drunk and both were let go to return home with no arrests being made.

Johnny Manziel 911 Call

Manziel took to Twitter after the incident to explain his case and also posted a post from Crowley stating that relations between the couple were fine:

Manziel spent 10 weeks in an addiction treatment center during the offseason. The Browns released a statement following the incident that said they are aware of the situation and are taking it seriously.

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