Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Australian Bio-Security Apology Video

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard appear in a cringeworthy video saying they are ‘truly sorry’ for sneaking their Yorkshire terriers into Australia.
The clip shows the Hollywood pair apologizing for the so-called ‘war on terriers’ case after they smuggled in their dogs Pistol and Boo last year. The clip was shown to a Gold Coast court on Monday before a magistrate hit Heard with a one-month good behavior bond and a $1,000 fine over the debacle. Heard, 29, who reached a deal with prosecutors, pleaded guilty to one count of falsifying border protection documents after they dropped two charges of illegal importation.

“Australia has very strict biosecurity laws to protect the health of our people, animals and plants. Everyone entering the country must truthfully declare if they are carrying any items listed on the Incoming Passenger Card.

Ms Amber Heard appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court in Queensland on 18 April 2016 to answer charges alleging the illegal importation of her two dogs into Australia in April 2015.

Ms Heard pleaded guilty to one count of producing a false document (her Incoming Passenger Card).

Ms Heard also offered to publicly state her contrition with the support of her husband – this video is that statement.”

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