Jim Carry Loves Emma Stone

Is Jim Carrey really in love with Emma Stone? A video released on Jim Carrey’s site says so. In this video, Jim Carrey seems to profess his love to the young Actress saying that they will have

Freckled-faced babies–and tell Ghost Stories by the Campfire“.

Whether true or not, it’s pretty funny. With all respect intended, Jim Carrey is this generations Andy Kaufman and I find it refreshing that Jim is not afraid to shake it up every once and awhile.

No word if Emma Stone has seen the video or has responded.

This prompts the question, Is it wrong or a little weird for a 49 year old man (Jim Carrey) to publicly say or even hint towards his attraction to a a girl (Emma Stone) more than half his age?

Would this be permitted if it were someone who wasn’t a Celebrity? Or would it then become stalking? There are many fine lines here that may need to be addressed and I can’t wait to see what makes these instances okay and others not.

What do you think? is it okay for us to say these things as long as we say its a joke? Will they’ll be an influx of people creating videos just like this?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNqnjHrRscs?rel=0&w=400&h=345]

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