Instagram Thot Jessy Taylor Has Meltdown After IG Account is Deleted

A psychotic Instagram thot gives you a first-hand look at how sad society is becoming. Apparently Jessy Taylor can’t live without IG or her following.

In the video “JessyTaylorDuh” cries uncontrollably as she cannot get into her Instagram profile because it has been reported to the point where it has been locked.

Jessy Taylor goes on to beg people to stop reporting her account because she is pretty much useless without IG. The idiot cannot get a real job and therefore cannot pay for anything. She also goes on to explain how she is nothing without her following.

It’s another sad reminder at this Kardashian influenced culture which everyone needs the approval of others to live. Whether it be how many people are following them, how many likes or shares their posts get etc.

You can blame companies like Fashionova and WSHH for promoting and encouraging this ratchet behavior.

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