Did This Idiot Streamer Admit To Running A Ponzi Scheme?

Ever want to punch someone by the simple sound of their voice? Well, listen to this idiot Youtube streamer “Ice Poseidon” seemingly dig his own grave.

Paul Denino, better known by his online pseudonym “Ice Poseidon”, is an American internet personality and live streamer, primarily of the video game RuneScape and the IRL genre. He is best known for his IRL streams, which he describes as “life streaming”. Rolling Stone named Denino as a “pioneer ‘life streamer'”

Recently “Ice Poseidon” live streamed himself attempting to explain how his business worked. However, it seemed more like he incriminated himself by admitting to running a Ponzi scheme.

In order for the investors to make their money back, what we do is we grow the company to a certain point and then we have other investors come in and obviously they invest their money as well and hopefully more than 2-million dollars and obviously when we get more than 2-million dollars invested the other investors will get their 2-mil back and then we have more money for the company…

This idiot even admitted to not paying taxes in 4-years. Albeit he was sarcastic, it seems that this dummy just does not know when to shut his mouth.

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