Floyd Mayweather Gets Owned By “Rude Jude”

If you don’t remember “Rude Jude” the trash talking guest turned star of the Jenny Jones show, then you haven’t had the pleasure to hear him go off on people.

“Rude Jude” or Jude Anthony Angelini is a DJ and co-host on The All Out Show with DJ Lord Sear on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Shade 45.

It is on this show where Floyd Mayweather called in (allegedly coaxed by rapper 50 Cent)to confront Jude about things that he had heard.

Once again, if you do not know who “Rude Jude” is, you might not want to call up and assume your just talking to a normal person because you might just end up looking like Floyd Mayweather did in this interview.

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