Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police Office

It’s no secret that there’s a bad apple in every bunch but, Florida seems to have a lot of those so-called ‘Bad Apples’ in regards to it’s Law Enforcement.

Miami-Dade police officer Fausto López was arrested as well as charged with reckless driving after leading Florida Highway Patrol on a seven-minute chase with speeds reaching up to 120 MPH, while commuting to an “off-duty job” in his marked police car.

The “do as I say, not as I do” incident occurred at about 6:30 AM on October 11 when state trooper D.J. Watts witnessed López’s cruiser blast by her, swerving through traffic on the southbound turnpike. The female officer turned on her lights and engaged the Miami officer who did not stop for several minutes. López finally pulled over near Hollywood, at which point Watts approached the car, gun drawn, and took López into custody.

Oddly enough, as of this time López is still on active duty (because this town is corrupt) and the matter is currently being considered as a “traffic offense.” Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado commented on the incident by saying, “No one should drive 120 miles per hour.”

See the chase and the Miami Police Officer Get Arrested HERE


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