Florida Douchebag Attorney Thomas Cope Forces Frightened Raccoon Into Ocean

Florida Douchebag Attorney #ThomasCope Forces Frightened Raccoon Into Ocean #ANIMALCRUELTY #PETA

Thomas Cope an attorney in Clearwater, Florida is feeling the wrath of the internet after he stupidly posted a video of him and his d-bag buddies forcing a frightened raccoon into the open water.

In the video, you can hear Thomas Cope who clearly sounds like he is not frightened at all, bark commands at the raccoon. “Get off my boat!” He can then be heard instructing someone to grab a gaff to force the raccoon off. After the raccoon is forced off into the water, the man can be heard saying “So long sucker!”

Thomas Cope then posted the video to a Facebook group ‘Center Consoles Only (CCOG) where it was picked up and shared.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated they learned of the video May 8 and began an investigation. The statement mentions that “these vile acts of animal cruelty” are intolerable.

If Thomas Cope is charged with a felony, he could be disbarred.

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