Father Dying From Cancer Walks 11-Year-Old Daughter Down The Aisle (Video)

It’s every father’s dream to one day walk his daughter down the aisle to be married, but sadly Jim Zetz will not be able to do that for his daughter Josie. Jim Zetz,62, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and realizing that he would not be on earth much longer, hired photographer – Lindsey Villatoro.

Villatoro offers photography sessions for terminal clients and when she met Jim and Josie Zetz, she was touched and decided she wanted to make their session one they would never forget.

Villatoro decided that she would stage a wedding where Jim and Josie would be pronounced “daddy and daughter”. At no charge, Villatoro was able to get a priest, hair and makeup person, a cake, a vintage set, caterers, and a designer dress. Josie even had her own gift table of gifts that exceeded $2,000 in value.

The ceremony was a success and you can tell by the photos and video that this was a moment that the Zetzes will never forget.

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