WATCH: Family Disowns Son After He Tells Them He’s Gay

A son is disowned after developing the courage to reveal to his family that his is Gay. He records the conversation which turns physical as both religion and life clash with one another. Daniel was given two options by his family, attend a “pray the gay away” intervention, or face being disowned.

Daniel (Right)
Daniel (Right)
The video begins with Daniel speaking to his family at which you hear the mother say “Before I say anything, I want to let you know that I love you.” Good way to start right? Shortly after the mother becomes enraged at what she believes is a choice her son has made to be Gay. She tells Daniel that she believes in the word of God and that God does not make anyone that way.

Daniel attempts to reason with his mother saying that his studies in basic biology believe that a child’s sexuality is determined at the first 6-weeks of birth. At that point his mother tells him he can go by all the science he wants but she goes by the word of God. Daniel then says that Science trumps the word of God and that is when tempers fly.

The argument grows more and more tense and at one point Daniel is physically attacked by his family. The altercation lasts all but a few seconds until he is called a disgrace and the video ends. According to the uploader, Daniel is now living with a friend until he’s able to support himself.

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