Fake Youtube Pranksters Exposed by Danny Duncan

Ever watch a so-called prank video on Youtube and say to yourself, “that’s total bullsh*t!”? The sad fact is, since the majority of people on social media are mindless drones, that enables others to take advantage of their gullible nature and profit from it.

So when Danny Duncan found out that a few well-known pranksters weren’t going to show up to participate in a pranksters panel, he decided to prank the pranksters and show up as “Coby Persin” and basically let everyone in on how most of the pranksters on YT, Persin included are all fake.

“I was backstage before the panel and found out a few fake pranksters weren’t showing up. The guy announcing didn’t know who Coby was so I said I was him and randomly decided to do this. Thought it would be funny to speak the truth since all these fools like to lie. Just say it’s a fake prank “bro”. I didn’t really plan to do any more exposing type videos or anything to do with fake pranking but this shit was funny and was a spur of the moment type of video so I decided to capitalize and get some more content out there. Thanks to Ansley & Garrett Ginner for filming this!”

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