End Of The World May 21, 2012

So there has been a lot of talk regarding the End of The World on May 21, 2012 but, do you know where it all stems from? 89 year old Harold Camping’s Family Radio Show. It is believed that the world will end by 6pm May 21, 2012. Camping’s Family Radio has been stated to be valued at $72 Million in their latest financial statements and said to have $1.5 Million in cash. Although this seems like a ton of money, they are said to pay $56 Million in FCC broadcasting licenses.

Now, the Bible say’s that no man will know when the end of the world will occur and this was also predicted by the same organization back in 1994. If this is a scam, then it is the most elaborate scam to date. Much similarity to when “War of The Worlds” was broadcasted on October 30, 1938. Although Mercury Theater and H.G. Wells were not asking listeners for donations. Maybe they should have…There are many people who have predicted the end of the world throughout the years and all have been wrong. When you think about it, we can’t even accurately predict the weather and yet we have people claiming to know the exact date and time of the Apocalypse. Hopefully, this does not cause an uproar of looting and vandalism. Chaos broke out in 1938 when the “War of the Worlds” was released and this may be history repeating itself.

If anything, people should use this time not fear the end of the world but to take a good look at ones life. Are you the person you set out to be? Have you made amends with the ones you love? Are you where you want to be right now? These are the questions that people never seem to ask themselves and it only takes something like “The End Of The World” for people to put their lives into perspective. If the end of the world does occur tomorrow, then you have lost all the time you have had here on this earth to make a difference and be the person you wanted to be. If not, use the remaining time you have to accomplish what you need to do. So, what will you be doing during the Apocalypse? Comment below and let me know your thoughts as well as vote on the “End Of The World Poll”. Good Bye?

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