Video Game Publisher EA Finds New Low to Scam Customers Out Of Money

It is already widely known that EA blatantly looks to take advantage of naive and sometimes gambling addicted customers by releasing unfinished products and then charging additional fees to purchase what is known as a #DLC pack or #LootBox.

“DLC” packs and “Loot boxes” are essentially additional game content that creates a better gaming experience. The problem is, these are items that should have been included with the original game. Instead, EA found a way to capitalize with it’s consumer whether they be of age or not by offering the content after the game has already been purchased.

It’s quite ingenious. First, put out a half done game at full price, then offer additional pieces for an additional fee. This would have worked if EA only put out cosmetic only content meaning, the items purchase have no other value in the game other than to purely be something “cool” to have. Example: new clothes, masks, customization etc. However, much like with ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Star Wars’, EA began putting out items that dramatically effected game play both on and offline.

Now, EA has found a new low as they now have created what is basically a DLC for a DLC as this Youtuber explains.

This blatant disrespect for the consumer is only allowed because the consumer falls for it. More so, the naive children and tweens who use their parent’s credit card to purchase these items.

It is about time gamers across the world show EA and other companies that they will not tolerate such disgraceful tactics and boycott any video game put out by these publishers. #BOYCOTTEA

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