Dunkin Donuts Customer Complains After Owner Says She Needs To Make A Purchase to Use Free WIFI

Dunkin Donuts Wifi

Dunkin Donuts Customer Complains After Owner Says She Needs To Make A Purchase to Use Free WIFI

A Virginia Dunkin Donuts owner is coming under fire after a woman complained on social media that she was told she would have to make a purchase if she was going to use the free wifi inside the establishment.

Tirza Wilbon White aka “Freeloading Felicia” posted a video showing Dunkin Donuts franchisee Christina Cabral politely telling the woman that if she wanted to stay inside the establishment and use the wifi, she would need to make a purchase. Tirza Wilbon White felt (like most self-entitled people today) that she was disrespected and that she would illegally begin recording inside of a private business in an attempt to single handedly take down someone’s business.

Caving in to the pressure like most businesses these days do, Reps for the Massachusetts-headquartered coffee chain Dunkin issued the following statement:

“We and our franchisees want every customer who walks into a Dunkin’ restaurant to be treated with dignity and respect. This did not happen in a situation at a restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia. We have apologized to the customer, on behalf of both the brand and the franchisee who owns and operates this restaurant, but we know that is not enough,” a spokesperson said.

However they also stated,

“Our franchisees are independent businesspeople, who so long as they comply with the law, may set their own policies in regards to certain things like Wi-Fi usage and whether to limit its use to only those who make a purchase,” they added. “However, we are focused on helping our franchisees best serve our diverse customer base and are currently exploring how we can improve every aspect of our restaurant operations from store signage, recommended policies, and training for franchisees and their crew members. We are committed to doing better.”

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