Dumb Girl Breaks Ankles In Pool Jump FAIL (Video)

girl breaks ankles jumping off roof into pool

Since when has jumping off a roof into a pool ever been a good idea? The bad definitely outweighs the satisfaction of it being successful. I’m sorry but this dummy deserved exactly what she got for listening to these idiots.

Two dumb dudes and two dumb broads with nothing better to do than to listen to Macklemore and jump off mommy and daddy’s house. First off, these two should have never been holding hands like a slow version of Thelma and Louise when they went to jump off.

The result, a pool jump gone wrong when the girl seems to break both of her ankles as she lands on the concrete below. Then you here the dumb moron recording ask “Why didn’t you jump?” as the poor girl begins to cry hysterically realizing that her ankles are shattered.

[jwplayer mediaid=”23234″]

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