‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain – Elliott Neese Ordered To Stay Away From Ex-Wife

“Deadliest Catch” star Elliott Neese and Captain of the F/V Ramblin’ Rose, just got a restraining order from the mother of his child.

Elliott Neese has been on bad terms with his Ex – Valerie Gunderson and now she says there are signs he could “snap” at any moment. Valerie says Elliott has been drinking, possibly using drugs and harassing her through the phone.

Valerie claims on Feb 13, Elliott called her 54 times in one night and recently, called her 38 times and sent 15 text messages in less than an hour.

Valerie claims Elliott also called her mother and told her, “If I can’t have [Valerie] nobody can.”

According to Valerie, Elliott has a history of domestic violence like smashing her belongings in 2010 and attacking her in 2006.

The judge decided Valerie’s concerns are believable and issued a temporary restraining order against Neese banning him from calling Valerie or contacting her in any way.

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