Woman’s Convincing Acting Prompts Phone Scammer to Confess

You’ve probably heard the scam before. A person calls you up telling you that you owe the government money but before any rash actions are taken, they will give you a chance to pay a small amount to have your troubles go away. Here’s how the scam works: the scammer poses as a Revenue Agency agent and tells the intended victim they owe money that must be repaid, and then tell that person they can be arrested if they don’t pay.

That’s what happened to Dawn Belmonte of Woodbridge, Ont. Belmonte received a call from a fraud pretending to be a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) agent that attempted to convince her that she owed money and if she were not to pay, she would be arrested. However, some very convincing voice acting leads to a surprising ending. “He was telling me I should pawn things and I should borrow money and asked if I had anything to sell because I was going to go to jail,” Belmonte said.

Belmonte created the character “Marisa Silvera” and proceeded to tell the phone scammer that she had no money because her husband had went to jail and left her with their 6 children. “I just scammed the scammers! This 866 number is well known for scamming people, saying there is a warrant for their arrest due to unpaid taxes. They left me a voicemail and I called back. They told me I owed $2500 immediately or I would be arrested. I told them my name was Marisa Silvera…the first name that came to mind. Listen to this. The end is GOLD!! I should be an actress.”

After hearing the sobbing woman’s story, surprisingly the scammer admits to the fraud and advises her not to pay any money to anyone who calls her and that she would not be arrested.

Listen to the hilarious conversation between Belmonte and the phone scammer:

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