Dad Whips Daughters With Electrical Cord For Making Facebook Twerk Videos


What would you do if you found out your little girls put out a twerk video on Facebook? Would you send them to their room? Would you take away their phone and internet access? or would you whip the living crap out of them with an electrical cord like this father did?

After finding out his daughters posted a twerk video on Facebook, a father went ham and beat his two daughters with an electrical cord. The punishment lasts for about half a minute and some are calling this child abuse. What do you think?

Watch this man punish his daughters after finding out they posted twerk vids on FB.

If the vid disappears or doesn’t work, that’s because punk ass Youtube removed it. Let us know and we will get another vid.


  1. more examples of fucked up amercians :) !!! its the only entertainment we seem to get over here in the uk … either fucked up kinds of punishment deemed acceptable to yanks (hes black though so he may not get away with it …. doubt he is a high sherrif or some other high political dude!) …or fat fucks

  2. seriously??!! sickening!!! I dont care WHAT a child does there is NO reason for this!!!

  3. I agree….a spanking is VERY different than a beating…these children were BEAT with a cord….that makes it child abuse!!!!

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