Crazy Woman Demands Free Food At Dunkin’ Donuts (Video)

Crazy Woman At Dunkin Donuts

When this maniac comes to your Dunkin’ Donuts, make sure to give her a receipt or you will be on the wrong end of a verbal assault from someone who half the time can’t even use the correct phrases in her sentences.

This is Taylor Chapman and she is fuming mad that she did not get her receipt on a previous visit to Dunkin’ Donuts and says an employee was very rude to her. Now she is going to let them know exactly how she feels.

“This is being recorded under video surveillance”? Does she mean “I am recording”? This b*tch even dragged along some punk ass dude who finally says something when it comes to the Coolata order he placed the previous day and that was only after she allowed him to speak.

Hi Facebook this is what you have to do in life, it f*cking sucks, blow my brains out.

This coming from a woman who thinks you need a business degree to post reviews online. One, no you do not have to do this in life and two, yes PLEASE blow your brains out.

This poor Dunkin Donuts employee is so terrified out of his mind that he simply agrees to whatever this chick is saying. Then it all goes down when Sally spots “Neeni”, the woman who was rude while forgetting to give her the receipt.

Let us know what you think. Was Taylor Chapman right for her insane Dunkin’ Donuts tirade to get free food or does she need to either be on some meds or off them. Watch this woman demand free food at Dunkin’ Donuts because they for got to give her a receipt.


An original version of this article stated Sally Salvenie was the woman recording and we would like to have that corrected. Sally Salvenie was the Youtube user who uploaded the video. Taylor Chapman is the woman recording.

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  1. Sally Salvenie was just the name on the YouTube account that uploaded the video. Apparent the name of the crazy person in the video is Taylor Chapman.

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