Crazy White Woman Fights Black Guy In Parking Lot (Video)

"Get your hood-rat ass in your f*cking car, BITCH!"

A white woman and a black man argue in a parking lot and things get physical when the two begin to fight. The explosive confrontation was all caught on video.

Elisabeth Dobecky says that the fight is between her former neighbors and if you knew them, fights between the two were nothing new. “My former neighbors.” Dobecky said, “These fights would happen often, I would normally try to calm down the main female in the video but the guy wouldn’t stop.”

Elisabeth Dobecky explains This was an ongoing battle and that the two attended the same high school in North Carolina. By sheer coincidence they moved next next to each other in Washington State. The two had a falling out and soon after the man started antagonizing the woman and she would explode.

The aggressive blonde woman claims the fat black guy stalked her and her friend for six-months and hit her first. The woman begins to invite the man to hit her again. She begins to yell into the man’s face while he continuously tells the woman to get away, until at one point she pushes his face with her finger. The man smacks the woman’s hands out of his face and then pushes the woman.

During the argument the woman approaches the man and punches him. The man punches the woman back in retaliation and goes to hit her again before the woman’s friend intervenes and grabs the man.

The two continue to argue for a long period of time afterwards but the video soon ends with the situation already having met its maximum intensity.

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