Couple Caught Using Handicap Parking Confronted

A couple using the handicapped parking space (who clearly were not handicapped) get confronted by a woman. The couple then claim their civil rights are being infringed upon with the woman decides to record the confrontation.

michshepherd writes:

“After taking photos of the wife in her vehicle parked illegally in a handicapped space, she was upset, saying she was dropping off her injured husband. Then the BOTH of them find me in the library, confront me, and want me to delete the photos. They believe they are in the right because the wife was sitting in her vehicle while it was running. They lost it when I said I would post the photos online, then when I leave the library, they follow me out. Instead of going to my car because I was worried they would follow me home, I went to a bus shelter nearby. I was finally able to get out when a cop went by.”

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