Country singer – Jason Aldean who mind you is already married to Jessica Ussery and has kids was recently caught getting all “touchy-feely” with American Idol – Brittany Kerr at a bar.

Our good friends at TMZ obtained photos of Jason Aldean hugging, grabbing, and seemingly kissing Brittany Kerr. Either Jason Aldean is tired of his wife and kids or needs some real-life inspiration for another country song.

Jason left the bar in a taxi without Brittany looking like a drunken cheating mess but not before getting caught in what’s going to be some very hard to explain photos. You can tell by in the body language of the photos that Jason was the drunken aggressor while Brittany was just the normal star struck person who would go along with anything.


Brittany Kerr shuts down her Twitter page after threats and being called a Whore and a Tramp.

Jason Aldean takes to his Facebook page to confirm his adultery.

Hey Guys – I wanted to talk to you directly, so you were hearing the truth from me and not just reading allegations made about my personal life on gossip web sites. The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar. I left alone, caught the bus to our next show and that’s the end of the story. I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself. I’m not perfect, and I’m sorry for disappointing you guys. I really appreciate being able to work through this privately with my family and for all your continued support.

UPDATE: 4/26

Jason Aldean and his high school sweet heart – Jessica Ussery, have split-up stating the couple is having “problems” trying to make it work after his cheating with Miranda Kerr.


  1. so what< let the guy have some fun im sure hes tired of his wife, and marriage is ridiculous anyway! i dont know anyone that doesnt think about someone else or act on it …….he shouldve been more discreet but……no hiding it now! sorry for his wife, just wish it was me in hollywood instead of brittany kerr

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