Comedian Brad Williams Tells Weird Carlos Mencia Story that Sounds a lot like Rape Confession

A deleted video clip taken from “Getting Doug with High”, a podcast hosted by Doug Benson, shows fellow comic Brad Williams telling a story that he may soon regret.

During the video, Doug takes a question from Twitter that asks the guests to tell their weirdest Carlos Mencia story.

Brad Williams begins to tell a story in which he encounters a woman who was a major Mencia fan and had allegedly performed fellatio on the tour bus driver in order to meet the comedian. The story takes a weird turn when Williams describes what happened next.

“So she’s in the back and Mencia’s married he’s not going to do anything, so he turned off all the lights and then sent me in and then I started hooking up with the girl and it went for a good 15 minutes before she realized that “huh that Mencia’s tiny but he shouldn’t have stubby arms like that.” and then finally she realized that she was having sex with me.”

Eddie Ifft immediately calls Brad out saying “I feel like that’s a rape story” to which Brad denies but then things get awkward as Benson tries to move the conversation along.

To make matters even more complicated, Brad Williams just welcomed his child.

One can only hope that Williams had completed made up the story or embellished the story and that the woman did in fact know it was him whilst they were hooking up.

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