Chris Cornell Commits Suicide By Hanging

Chris Cornell reportedly committed suicide via asphyxiation from hanging himself, using a common piece of exercise equipment to take his own life.
TMZ reports the Soundgarden frontman secured a red elastic exercise band attached to a carabiner to the top of his hotel bathroom door.

Chris Cornell’s family believes he may have taken his life while under Ativan, and that he had no plan or desire to commit suicide just hours earlier.

According to the police report, Chris was on the phone with his wife, Vicky, who said he sounded “groggy” and repeatedly told her, “I am just tired,” before hanging up. Vicky became alarmed, called the hotel and Chris’ security guard found him in the bathroom with blood running from his mouth.

Oddly enough, during the making of “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart,” Chris Cornell performed a mock hanging where he was essentially suffered severe burns as the chemicals on the noose rubbed off on his neck leaving 2nd degree burns.

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