CHRIS BROWN Faces 5 Years Because Of Cell Phone Theft (VIDEO)

Team Breezy might be in JAIL before the end of this week as he is expected to turn himself in because of petty theft robbery.

The Florida State Attorney will file FORMAL CHARGES against R&B singer Chris Brown.

It appears as he was leaving a club, some women wanted to take pictures of Chris Brown. He obviously was not having that and snatched the women’s phone and stating something along the lines of, You won’t be putting that on any websites.

Anyway, Christal Spann (the women who had her phone jacked) and her 2 friends seem said in a recent video – “I just want my phone back.”

One of Spann’s friends told police, Brown exclaimed, “Bitch, you not gonna put this up on no website.”

Spann filed a police report, claiming she was attempting to take a picture of Brown early Sunday morning in Miami when he ripped her phone out of her hand and drove away.

Looks like this outburst may cost him…

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