Youtube and it’s Child Predator Problem

Child Predators Roaming Free on Youtube

Youtube has been a great place to upload original content and had since led to the discovery of many talented individuals such as Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and believe it or not, supermodel Kate Upton. However, Youtube also shares it merits with a disturbing bi-product.

Youtube has given the ability for ANYONE to upload video and ANYONE to create a user account. What this has done is essentially created a playground for parents to make money off of their kids and child predators content to get “get their rocks off”.

The Youtbe video channel ‘ ORKA‘ explains the uncomfortable circumstances with allowing anyone to simply create a profile.

“Not the kind of video I usually make, or the kind I’ll be making in the future. I made this in one sitting with the purpose of hopefully bringing some attention to it. It’s been talked about in the past, but nothing has been done about it yet.”


The video shows how most of these videos fly under the radar and are never flagged. He goes into explaining how easy it is to find these videos. It was explained if you simply type “Webcam video from…” you will get thousands of videos of children in questionable scenarios. Once you find one of these videos, Youtube then does a great job at recommending a ton more to you. It is here where you are able to see first-hand how dark this can get.

If you scroll below to the comments section of these videos, you will find hundreds of disturbing comments from child predators openly admiring these children and even placing timestamps where you can see maybe a flash of the child’s underwear or worse. Most if not all of the accounts with disturbing comments are from anonymous accounts. The problem with anonymous accounts is that really nothing can be done except ban them. However, there is nothing preventing that user from creating another account in a matter of minutes.

Although Youtube has (and continues to) eliminate these threats, there really is no stopping anyone from creating an account or having these videos uploaded. Coupled with the videos making a ton of money off Google’s/Youtube’s monetizing feature, it only encourages people to continue doing it.

The only advice for now would be: If you are a caring parent, be weary of what you are posting and WHO is watching.

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