TMZ posted a video of Bobbi Kristina playing at the slots of the MGM Grand Casino and now they and The Nevada Gaming Commission have launched an investigation into the incident. Underage gambling is a misdemeanor in Nevada, punishable by up to 6 months in county jail or $1,000 fine. Bobbi Kristina was with her 22-year-old boyfriend Nick Gordon during the taping.

Okay, so I know underage gambling is wrong just like underage drinking and smoking but it is all accessible and Bobbi Kristina is not the first or the last to indulge in these activities.

What I am not okay with, is TMZ in such a need for a story, that they would readily put a video out without a care of her getting arrested and possibly setting a downward spiral for her. They have a name for people like that and they’re called snitches.

TMZ should be ashamed of themselves for possibly ruining this girls life so that they could fill a 30 second slot on their show.

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