Keeping in true “Teen Mom” fashion, Catelynn Lowell was pictured with friends smoking marijuana out of a bong. Catelynn Lowell is the “Teen Mom” who gave up her child for adoption on the show.

So I guess it just goes to show, giving up your own baby is easier than giving up a habit. Why doesn’t MTV offer counseling t these young people or try to stop them from making these horrible decision (in front of cameras)? Oh yeah, because they will make no money. They would rather see the deterioration of youth and fill their pockets rather than help them out.


  1. this article pisses me off!… really giving up ur kid rather then a habit ?! her n tyler r the most normal fucking ppl on the show… uhhhh is she a pot smoking low life? NO she goes to school has a job, n is in a good relationship… if she wants to “blow some steam off” dont judge her for it…. root for janelle the crack head jailbird and amber addicted to pills n beats her man up in front of her kid, but put the good person down?! yall r fuked!

  2. soo what’s the problem? i dont understand… she doesnt have her child, she is perfectly capable of doing what she wants, when she wants.

  3. You’re an idiot Tasha. She is not capable of doing what she wants because she’s already proven she can’t handle the repercussions of her own dumb ass decisions. Like um let’s see, not using protection and GETTING PREGNANT! Then giving the kid up!

    • she is not a dumb ass and who r u to judge i no u have made mistakes and giving up her baby was prolly the smartest thing anyone could do that couldnt handle having a baby i mean have u seen the show? none of the mothers thought or are thinking about the baby but her and tyler

  4. Okay first off how are any of us to say that that is even pot that she is smoking? could be tobacco ya no. This is horrible people talking shit about her when she is the only one of the teen moms who have a good head on her shoulders. And so what if its weed. its gonna be legalized soon anyways and even if its not who hasent done it? it helps people trust me it does i smoke all the time and im not shy about it at all. because it helps me. Nobodyy should point fingers at her unless there hand is clean too which its probably not cuz we all have done stupid things but its life dont be ashamed. She is someone i look up too and im not gonna stop just cuz she might smoke pot. if anything that just makes me look up to her more. You go Girl love

  5. I think its pretty funny, because it kind of looks like shes just looking at it? you dont see any smoke coming out of her mouth or anything. she could also be in the middle of handing it from person to the other. who knows, damn people are fucking retarded these days!

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