“Sons Of Anarchy” (SOA) actor – Johnny Lewis who you may known as ‘Half-Sack’ Epps, was found dead alongside a 81-year-old woman yesterday in the Los Feliz area of California.

Little is known about the incident but the details are that neighbors heard the 81-year-old woman screaming and saw a young man (Johnny Lewis) outside the home attacking 2 others with a piece of wood before climbing onto the roof.

No one knows if the actor either fell or jumped to his death. It is believed that Johnny Lewis was renting from the older woman and may have had an argument regarding living arrangements and ended up beating the woman to death before killing himself.


Johnny Lewis was recently released from jail on September 21. Johnny was reported to have several criminal cases filed against him at the time of his death.

There was also a dead cat found in the place where he was living and Police also suspect that Johnny killed the cat as well as the 81-year-old landlord.

Johnny Lewis was also believed to be on PCP or some other drugs during the incident as witnesses say he showed superhuman strength while fighting two other men. It was reported it took about 3 people to hold him from trying to enter one persons apartment.

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