‘Glee’ Star – Becca Tobin BF Found DEAD

becca tobin matt bendik dead

Star of ‘Glee’ – Becca Tobin’s, boyfriend was found in a Philadelphia hotel room and the circumstances surrounding the dicovery aren’t clear.

Sources say the hotel maid found Bendik’s body in a hotel room he was staying at while out celebrating on a business trip with girlfriend Becca Tobin.

Up to this point, it is unclear where Becca Tobin,28, who plays “Kitty Wilde,” in ‘Glee,’ was discovered. Bendik was a nighclub owner/promoter and a known “partier” according to friends.

Bendick’s death follows only a year after the tragic overdose of Corey Monteith in Vancouver.


    • Who said she was dead stupid? Read the article it says her “BF” a little misleading but it doesn’t say she died you dummy.

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