Legendary Comedian Gary Shandling Dies at 66

Comedian Garry Shandling has died in an L.A. area hospital on Thursday reports say. Shandling,66, the star of The Larry Sanders Show”, was not believed to have been suffering from any illness and a source connected to Shandling says he was healthy and speaking to people on Thursday morning.

TMZ reports there was a 911 call from Gary Shandling’s home, and he was transported to the hospital still alive upon arrival at the hospital. Garry Shandling was believed to havemade the 911 call himself but lapsed into unconsciousness in the middle of the 911 call.

Paramedics were dispatched and we’re told when they arrived no one answered so they had to kick in the door. Prior to his death, Shandling appeared in good health as there were no signs of medical problems. TMZ also reported its sources indicated Shandling died from a massive heart attack.

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