Delonte West former NBA star Assaulted Then Arrested (Video)

Disturbing video taken in Washington, D.C., shows former NBA star Delonte West being viciously assaulted in the streets then, placed in handcuffs.

The former NBA guard Delonte West is shown seemingly unconscious in the middle of the street as an unknown white male repeatedly assaults him. The unknown male is seen punching Delonte West in the head several times as well as stomping on his head over and over again.

In a related video, Delonte West is now conscious in handcuffs being questioned by police.

Delonte West: (inaudible) on my life
Officer: What?
Delonte West: Man aight.
Officer: Why’d you hit him? Did he attack you first? Was it self-defense or did you hit him?
Delonte West: Man, I was walking down the street, the man approached me with a (inaudible) with a gun.
Officer: He approached you with a.. Where’s his gun at?
Delonte West: I don’t give a f*ck!
Officer: Okay. Do you know where his gun is?
Delonte West: I don’t give a f*ck!
Officer: Okay.
Delonte West: Young champ! I’m the leader of the motherf*cking godd*mn Navy Seals, and the army and the Navy! I’m motherf*cking President Trump! I’m the real f*cking president.
Officer: Okay.
Delonte West: I’m right now, I’m not the leader or (inaudble) what happened?

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